Sterile long wrist latex gloves, finely powdered


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Latex lubricated gloves for finely talcati surgical use

Characteristics of long-wrist latex gloves

Packaged in pairs in sterile packaging, these professional disposable gloves are made of sterile hypo-allergenic latex and guarantee excellent sensitivity.

They are not ambidextrous, but with a right glove and a left glove, with a long cuff to increase dexterity, safety and hygiene.

The material with which they are produced, is the lubricated latex, worked to reduce the risk of allergies and irritations.

The micro-rough surface ensures optimal grip, the anatomical shape ensures maximum sensitivity.

The gloves are in opaque light color, so as not to disturb during the task with reflections of light or other nature.

They have no visual defects, no lumps, uniform appearance and excellent comfort and maximum resistance to torsion.

How to use latex gloves

Use sterile latex gloves as a first protection during surgery.

Wear them with perfectly dry, clean hands and be careful not to come into contact with the - external - sterile part.

More information on how to wear sterile gloves.

For those who are recommended

Ideal for surgery, health and medical tasks and as a work accessory for doctors, surgeons and nurses.

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