“Ai sensi delle Nuove Linee guida del Ministero della Salute del 28/03/2013, relative alla pubblicità sanitaria concernente i dispositivi medici, si avvisa l’utente che le informazioni ivi contenute sono esclusivamente rivolte agli operatori professionali”

Who we are

Not only web ...

We are not just a website, we are present on the territory of our customers to the service since 1993 ... our company in fact, in those years was immediately interested in the commercialization of high-tech products for the pharmaceutical and food sectors .

In 1995 he became interested also in safety and simultaneously has included in its catalog disposable products for different business sectors, mainly those aesthetic, hairdressers and physiotherapy.

Since 2003 he also works in the field of nail reconstruction, with karismanails method,  absolutely innovative product and especially non-invasive for the customers, which will improve the aesthetic appearance of the hands without them affecting your health. In fact, this method uses only gel characterized by the complete absence of acids, thus satisfying the most demanding customers in addition also the latest European regulations.

In 2004 he began the development of a professional cosmetics line rich in natural principles the "Earthsea" line, which it uses the natural resources of nature around us, and especially one of the most "beneficial" seas for our health, the dead Sea. All products in the line, including creams, are free of parabens or synthetic preservatives; and it is with this principle that later also specific treatments with machines have been developed (for example, the hyperbaric oxygen therapy) which provide deep penetration.

In the meantime it has been developed new specialist branch, that of steel tools for pecicure and manicures. To date, the "KBlade" brand is one of the strengths of our company that can boast a stainless steel tools park between those of greater quality in Italy.

Currently the P.Service srl can boast such a wide range of articles for aesthetics, to cover any possible request for a new opening, which has no equal.

Our philosophy and our resources are always directed to the development and growth of customers aware that your growth is our growth.



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