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Neutral emulsion rich in lipophilic substances such as to enable the manual to every type of massage. It can be mixed with the synergies of essential oils Earthsea to address a specific job. The skin will be toned and elastic.

Features of Massage Cream Neutral

The neutral massage cream from Earthsea, as the name implies, has no functional active ingredients but specially been created in this way to make a product "multi-purpose". It can 'be in fact used for a simple physiotherapeutic massage or for a specific massage against an imperfection, and is' to the operator's ability to evaluate the use according to the massage or the problem to be addressed from time to time.
Its consistency is such as to allow a prolonged massage with little product. This promotes a long life and a great savings for the operator, highlighting its great quality / price ratio.

Jar 500ml

Where to use neutral massage cream

As already we said this is a totally neutral cream, for this can be used on both the face and body, for a massage or a specific treatment.
For use in a specific treatment against a skin blemish it is essential to mix the amount we will use with some synergy drops of essential oils or a special vial.

Active principles and INCI

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 Application mode

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Advice on the use of neutral massage cream TerraMare

To mix the cream is always advisable to pick it up with a wooden spatula and place the amount that you plan to use in a bowl, then add drops of essential oil and mix well to homogenize the mixture.

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Application mode

Being a product very simple there are no real patterns to be followed in using it but below illustrate some mixtures useful in its use against the more 'common blemishes:
- To perform a classic emo-lymphatic massage, we misceleremo the right amount of neutral massage cream with about 4-5 drops of orthodermic synergy, 2 of eutrophic and 2 soothing.
- For a firming massage the misceleremo 4-5 invigorating synergy drops and 2 of eutrophic.
- To complete a cuperose facial treatment with a gentle massage can mix our synergy lightening cream with 2-3 drops.
- To give greater effectiveness to a slimming treatment, we could mix a good quantity of cream with 6-7 drops of orthodermic synergy and 3-4 drops of eutrophic synergy to create a nice smooth mixture to be applied, as an ointment, on areas with more localized fat and cover with a bandage or with cartene depending on the treatment protocol.



Paraffinum liquidum




Cetearyl alcohol

Hydrogenated tallow


Hydrogenated lanolin

Sodium lauryl sulfate

Acrylates / C10-30 alkyl

acrylate crosspolymer



Imidazolidinyl urea





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