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Plaque ultrasound body



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Hot plate parts for ultrasonic body. Loops for bands.

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Hot plate parts for ultrasonic body. Loops for bands.

Ultrasound plates
Ultrasound, Electrolipolysis, Electro Remodeling

Thermal effects: the thermal effect essentially depends on the absorption characteristics of the biological medium. The passage of ultrasound through the tissue creates a rise in the temperature thus increasing the speed of metabolic reactions that, in fat cells, results in an increase in lipolysis.
Chemical effects: the chemical action with modification of the local pH and permeability of cell membranes and with molecular changes, is caused by the considerable acceleration forces to which particles of the fabrics are subject to the passage of the ultrasonic wave.
Mechanical effects: the action is due to the movement of the particles of the tissues crossed by the ultrasonic, increased permeability and a movement of the liquid in the presence of micro-currents. Electrostimulation-Electrolipolysis that causes slight muscle contractions, mainly dependent of red muscle fibers that use fatty acids to take power for their contraction, metabolizzandoli into energy, carbon dioxide and water.

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